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     Pet Empire and Supplies was founded by Javier and Liz Davalos, a young animal loving married couple, who were passionate about health and wellness of animals. Javier grew up on a ranch in Petaluma, CA. At a young age he had a deep connection with animals and truly enjoyed being around them as he helped his father work in the ranch milking cows and reaping harvest. Growing up surrounded with so many animals he was able to understand their psychology and learned very quickly how to train them. Very soon he became known as the animal whisperer. His wife Liz on the other hand grew up with multiple pets. She had everything from fish, bunnies, birds, tarantulas, reptiles and dogs. Her knowledge of pets and nutrition grew even more when at the age of 8 she got her greatest gift, a poodle puppy named Pretty, who would become her companion for the next 18 years.

     When they married they decided to pursue what they were both passionate about, pet health and wellness. With her career in business and his knowledge in animals, opening up a pet store would be their dream occupation. Finally after many years of hard work, determination and a deep rooted sense of unity, they were able to become entrepreneurs at a young age.

    They truly are the "Pet Nutrition Experts with Love", because they provide every single customer with pet food that is the best fit for the pets age, breed, size, always considering health issues, allergies etc. When you shop at Pet Empire and Supplies, they are not trying to make a sell, they really want you and your pet to be 100% satisfied with every bag of food you purchase. You can definitely shop with confidence at their homy feeling shop because they really strive to provide only the best products on the market



7223 Church St. Suite A3 Highland, CA 92346

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