Dog Training

Does your dog drag you on walks? Does he jump on people/guest at your house? Does he run away when he is off leash? Would you consider your dog hyper/crazy? Does your Dog bark at everything and everyone? Is he excessively aggressive or extremely fearful of people/dogs?

If you experience any of the above with your pet, then our Dog Training classes are for you. Javier "The Pet Whisperer" has a way with animals that is beyond anything normal human beings experience. He can calm an aggressive dog and have him off leash in minutes without attacking anyone. If you would like to have a stronger connection with your pet and make your pets life more sociable, then give us a call at (909)672-3163. 


Group Classes 6 Dogs per Class

This is for consumers who want an affordable option but still want help with their dogs. In this class you will be assigned into a class that best suites your dog. You can sign up for one class, but trainer recommends signing up for four classes in order to get the best learning experience for you and your dog. 

1 Session 1hr   $30

4 Sessions 1hr/each  $90

Private Class at Home

These are the most effective and suggested for dogs that have severe issues like aggression, excessive barking to people knocking etc... The dog is in his area, so it is harder and more dangerous for trainer to teach owner how to change dog habits. These prices are for customers within a 10 mile radius. Customers farther will get a fuel surcharge depending on distance. 

1 session 1 Hr $125
4 Session 1 Hr Each $260

Private Class at Store

1 Session 1 Hr $70
4 Session 1 Hr/each $160