Bio-Groom Kuddly Kitty Shampoo 8oz

Bio-Groom Kuddly Kitty Shampoo 8oz


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Traditional shampoos can irritate kittens’ coats, but Bio-Groom Kuddly Kitty Shampoo is pure, natural and gentle. While it will effectively cleanse even the tiniest furbaby’s coat, it won’t strip out the natural protective oils that make for a healthy coat and skin. This shampoo also helps to control odors, so your kitten will smell and feel fluffy and fresh, purr-fect for cuddles. It’s soap-free, so it rinses out quickly when you’re bathing a frisky kitten. This pH-balanced shampoo won’t leave behind any irritating residue.

Key Benefits
  • Soap-free gentle shampoo is safe for use on kittens.
  • Cleansing shampoo won’t strip natural oils from your kitten’s coat or skin.
  • Helps to control odors and leaves behind a fluffy, fresh coat.
  • pH balanced, leaves behind no irritating residue.
  • Safe for use with topical flea and tick treatments.