Multi-Function Dog Leash

Multi-Function Dog Leash

Coastal Pet Products

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Get six leashes in one with the Multi-Function Dog Leash! Whether you need a standard leash, traffic leash, shoulder leash, double leash for walking two dogs at once or a temporary tie out, this leash has you covered. Easily adjust the leash to 3', 4' or 6' to fit your dog's needs. This all-in-one leash provides a convenient and durable design you can use all of the time.

Transforms into a standard leash, shoulder leash, double leash, or temporary tie out to meet all your needs with one solution.

Adjust sizing as standard leash from 3', 4' or 6'.

Allows you to walk two dogs at once.

Seven functions with one leash.

Durable design ensures long-lasting use.


Great for any walking occasion.

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