Oratene Enzymatic Brushless Oral Care Dog & Cat Breath Freshener, 4-oz bottle


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Zymox Breath Freshener freshens and maintains a healthy mouth by inhibiting harmful and odor-causing bacteria and removing plaque biofilm. This bottle with mister delivers a fine-focused spray that's great for dogs and cats of all ages.

Key Benefits
  • Brushless technology makes oral care easy
  • Inhibits harmful bacteria and removes plaque biofilm
  • Does not contain chlorhexidine, xylitol or alcohol
  • Gentle formulation relieves, soothes and protects without burning
  • Eliminates dryness, irritation, inflammation and redness

Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature. For animal use only.


Shake well, spray directly onto teeth, gums, and inside cheeks as needed. Recommended for daily use.

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