ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Grass-Fed Lamb Dog Treat


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Feeding a quality dog food is important. But what about the treats? A great food demands an equally great treat to continue with the nutrition and quality your pet deserves. An ORIJEN Freeze Dried Grass-Fed Lamb Dog Treat is Biologically Appropriate. It is filled with lots of protein, high meat content, and lots of fresh meat to satisfy your pet’s natural animal instincts.

Made with WholePrey Ratios, ORIJEN Grass Fed Lamb Dog Treats contain deboned lamb, lamb liver, and lamb tripe. When combined in the correct ratios, meat and organs of the lamb can supply nearly all the nutritional elements to your dog. ORIJEN uses its WholePrey Ratios to meet these demands. The organs combined with the meat make for nutritious treats.

The only other ingredient in ORIJEN Grass Fed Lamb Dog Treats is mixed tocopherols, a natural preservative that helps retain the flavor.

No carbohydrates. No sugars. No wheat, corn, or soy. No plant protein concentrates. No artificial flavors or colors. Just lamb. Even the lamb wasn’t fed corn. Grass-fed lamb only in this product. Doesn’t your dog deserve such a simple and tasty reward?

ORIJEN wants to make sure all the flavor and nutrition stays in the treats. That’s why the ingredients in ORIJEN Grass Fed Lamb Dog Treats aren’t cooked. First, the ingredients are brought in and combined. Then, the morsels are put in extremely cold temperatures to freeze them very quickly. Next, is an 18-hour freeze drying process that removes the moisture from the meat, making it a shelf stable product. The entire process may take longer, but the results are treats that are as nutritious and delicious as they can be.

Suitable for all life stages, breeds, and sizes, ORIJEN Freeze Dried Grass-Fed Lamb Dog Treats are a great treat for your pet. And at only 5 Calories per treat, you can feel free to indulge your pet without fear of them putting on the pounds. Each soft morsel is concentrated nutrition that you don’t have to feel guilty about giving your dog. Just a nutritious and tasty reward without any unwanted or troublesome ingredients. Great for your pet.

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