Petcrest® Potty Training Pads

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Super absorbent pads are specially treated to attract your puppy like magic. He'll be naturally attracted to the pad. Just keep moving it closer to the door, then outside, and in no time, he'll be housebroken.

  • 100% leak proof Guarantee
  • Value count
  • 5-Ply, leak-proof Floor Armor System
  • Protects floors & carpets
  • Potty Training made easy with Petcrest Training Pads.

  • Ideal for puppies as well as our seniors.
  • 5 layers of protection.
  • Tear resistant top layer.
  • Super absorbent and quick drying.
  • Leak proof bottom layer.
  • Pheromone attractant added to guide puppies to the proper location.
  • Ideal for protecting crates and carriers.
  • Available in 3 convenient package counts (14, 50 and 100).

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