Sunseed Fresh World Small Pet Bedding, 2,130-in bag

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Build your furry buddy a better place to play with Sunseed Fresh World Small Pet Bedding. This soft and cozy small pet bedding is crafted using 100% recycled paper. It features up to seven days of odor control to help make your home and his happier and healthier. This unbleached bedding is virtually dust-free and is designed to absorb up to three times its weight in moisture. Formulated without any harsh chemicals, it’s biodegradable, compostable and safe for your small sidekick to burrow, play and lay in.

Key Benefits
  • Chemical-free small pet bedding.
  • 99.5% dust-free for the safety of your pet.
  • Capable of absorbing up to 3 times its weight in moisture.
  • Crafted using biodegradable and compostable recycled paper.
  • Made in the USA.