Zilla Floating Basking Platform

Zilla Floating Basking Platform


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Water-loving species can swim up and easily climb onto these natural-looking buoyant platforms. The unique suction cup system keeps the platform in place, at water level, and allows easy removal for tank cleaning. Ideal for the basking needs of turtles, newts and aquatic frogs.

  • An ideal area for reptiles and amphibians to swim up and bask out of the water, which is essential for heat and UV absorption
  • Self-leveling platform floats naturally at the water level
  • Quick and easy installation, yet remains securely locked in place
  • Easy removal and cleaning with warm, soapy water and rinse
  • Small is ideal for terrariums 10-12 inches wide
  • Medium is ideal for terrariums 12-18 inches wide

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