Zilla Gut Load Cricket Drink Supplement16-oz bottle


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Zilla Gut Load Cricket Drink Supplement provides a safe and sanitary source of water for crickets, tarantulas and scorpions. This pre-blended formula helps reduce the risk of losing feeder insects to drowning or bacterial contamination. It's perfect for use in a terrarium because it provides hydration for both the feeder insect and your pet. There's nothing to mix — simply pour in a shallow dish and refill as needed.

Key Benefits
  • Ideal water source for feeder insects and pets, an additional water source is not required
  • Reduces early death of feeder crickets caused by drowning, dehydration or bacterial contamination of the water source
  • For all sizes of crickets, tarantulas and scorpions
  • No mixing necessary
  • Sanitary and ready to pour in a resealable container, simply distribute a small amount and refill as needed

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