Pancreatitis in Dogs

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The N.1 Vet Recommended dog food Hill's Science Diet is full of filler ingredients that do not provide any real wholesome nutrients to your dog. Vets are NOT taught how to cure diseases or ailments in pets naturally with wholefoods. They take a 4 hr nutrition class that is usually sponsored by Big Pet Food brands like Hill's.
  • If your dog has been diagnosed with pancreatitis, feeding wholesome biologically approriate food is the only way to reduce inflammation in the pacreas.

The pancreas has two vital functions:
-secretes insulin "balances blood sugar"
-secretes digestive enzymes.

High carb, processed diets only cause chronic inflammation in the pancreas because they completely avoid natural enzymes. With an overload of carbs the pancreas is called to secrete an abundance of digestive enzymes, and if it cannot produce enough enzymes the condition of pancreatitis results

  • Drug induced episodes and even a lot of antibiotics can cause pancreatitis
  • High fat food also causes reoccurrence of pancreatitis 

How to improve conditions of pancreatitis????
Supply your pet with a rich source of DIGESTIVE ENZYMES to adequately digest their food.

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