The Truth About Pedigree

Posted by Kelly Kreider on

These are just a handful of the ingredients in the most popular dog food and they are poison! 
•POULTRY BY-PRODUCT Does not specify what animal it is! Companies do this so they can include these:.
  • Road kill
  • Dead zoo animals
  • Dead on arrival poultry
  • Diseased and dying livestock
  • Euthanized pets from animal shelters.

•BHA is a known CARCINOGEN which causes kidney and liver damage
•MEAT AND BONE MEAL come from the rendering process and can contain dead animals (from the above list and more) and fats, grease, and other food waste from restaurants and stores

VICTOR is a great AFFORDABLE alternative! It does contain grains and meals but they identify the meat source and they don't use any toxic preservatives!
Please spread the word so we can raise awareness about the dangers of this "food"

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