Don't Shave Me!

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It's Hot - So Don't Shave Me!


  • Nordic, such as Huskies or Malamutes
  • Herding, such as German Shepherds, Berger Blanc Suisses, Belgian Sheepdogs, Border Collies, and Mastiffs
  • Hunting breeds, such as water dogs, labradors, and dachshunds
  • Cats
Do not need to be shaved to "keep cool."

    Shaving double coated breeds won't keep them cool or decrease shedding and actually damages the coat forever.

    These types of coats

    • Insulate against heat so when they are shaved the undercoat stops the air from getting to their skin and prevents the natural cooling process.
    • Reflect the sun so short hair on these animals absorbs the sun which leads to overheating.
    • Protect from the harmful sun rays because these animals usually have pale skin and it is very easy for them to get sun burnt. 

    Also, Cats get no physical benefit from being shaved and their coats regulate their body temperature so it's best not to mess with nature! 

    Better ways to keep them cool:

    • Take them to the groomer, they are experienced and can bathe and blow out the undercoat and they have the proper tools to do so.
    • Always carry water if you go anywhere with your pet!
    • Monitor their activity and keep them from playing too much in the hot sun.
    • Let them get wet!
    • Stay indoors on the hotter days and take it easy!

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