Five Easy Ways To Get Your Dog To Their Ideal Weight

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Thiccc dogs are very cute, BUT if they don’t get down to a healthy weight...their health is at MAJOR risk. In today's society body positivity is now being used to normalize fat pets, however we cannot apply the same concept of image from people to pets. Pets will continue to eat as much as we continue to provide them food. Therefore, it is our responsibility to keep them at a healthy weight so they can achieve longevity. Below you will find the five easy ways to help maintain your pets weight.

1. Timed and Measured Feedings: When dogs are free-fed(their bowl is filled up and left for them to eat whenever) they tend to have self control issues and will either overeat or under eat. Dogs love schedules and if they are given the appropriate amount of food for their weight at a specific time each day, they will be healthy and happy. In general, active dogs should be eating approximately 25-35 calories per pound of their weight per day. When kibble is left out for longer than 30 minutes it loses its vital benefits and nutrients, especially if it is a high quality kibble with REAL meat. Imagine leaving raw meat on the counter for hours and then eating it...not so tasty or beneficial huh?

2. Good Quality Food, Low in Carbs: Dogs are not biologically made to process large amounts of carbohydrates. If us humans ate hot cheetos for every meal, sure we would survive BUT we would definitely not thrive. Same goes for dogs, in the wild they would be hunting animals and would thrive on real meat. With a low carb food, their bodies can break down fat and protein better. An easy way to calculate how many carbs are in your dogs food is to use this simple formula: 100-(fat)-(protein)-(fiber)-(moisture)-(6)=carbohydrates. A good rule of thumb is to keep carbs below 35 in kibble.


3. Boost Their Bowl With Raw: Any amount of raw supplementation will benefit your pup immensely. Adding bone broth or goats milk to their diet will aid in digestion. Bone broth contains glucosamine which lubes their joints. Goat Milk reduces inflammation, and brings back all the good bacteria into their gut.

4. Walk or Play For ATLEAST 30 Minutes Daily: Without proper exercise, dogs can become obese rather quickly. They need to get their bodies moving in order to break down fat. This part is self-explanatory...dogs need exercise just like we do in order to lose weight. With a happy mind and busy body, they’ll lose those love handles in no time!

5. Look At Their Body Shape: Pups shouldn’t have any love handles or have their ribs and hip bones highly visible. The outline of their ribs should be able to be seen and felt and they should have an inward curve at the bottom of their belly

A dog’s weight can determine their lifespan. Make it a part of your New Years Resolution to get your fur baby down to an ideal weight!

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